Multi-media artists in a multi-functional space.

Origin-414 is an artist collective and studio space located in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Inspired by co-working spaces and digital nomad culture, Origin-414 set out to create a similar  work environment for multimedia artists. The interdisciplinary nature of the Origin-414 team required a workspace that was collaborative, acoustically friendly, and flexible. Therefore, this unique studio space features 3 audio rooms, 1 visual arts studio, and multi-use collaborative spaces (seen in slideshow).

Origin-414 is co-owned by its 6 main artists: Andrew, Lindsay, Chris, Kyle, Jack, and Nick. The team formed February 10th of 2017 and since then have built, refined, and now are ready to show off the studio space as of February 10th 2018.

From the Origin-414 studio, the collective produces top quality work from both the individuals and the collective as a whole. The space also functions as a perfect place for small meetings, brainstorm-sessions, and showcases of art.

For more information about Origin-414, please head over to the contact page and shoot the team a message.