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Andrew Hill

Composition | Audio Engineering | Instruction


With over 10 years of professional composition, performance, and teaching under his belt, Andrew has been refining his what has become his life’s passion to best be effective at whatever creative challenges lie before him. Through this journey, he’s composed and performed as Nostalgia and in the group Ternion Sound in several countries and for thousands of fans, he’s completed undergrad in music production and a master’s in arts technology, and he’s worked with local Twin Cities theater artists as a sound designer and engineer. He’s also shared what he’s learned as a teacher for several composition clubs, classes at Slam Academy, and in his private lessons.

Andrew now spends his time composing for clients and his own projects as well as mixing and mastering at the studio he co-owns with his studio mates in Northeast Minneapolis called Origin-414. Origin-414 is an artist collective and co-working space for multimedia artists, a first of its kind in the Twin Cities. This studio hosts three audio studios, a photography studio, and a lounge area for meetings and collaboration.

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