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Jack Denney

DJ | Audio Engineering | Social Media Mangagment


A designer of not only audio but also experiences, Jack began his self-expressive creative journey at the age of 12. It was this age that he took it upon himself to learn how to make music with a computer. Jump ahead a couple years and Jack has become a Minneapolis DJ staple playing at such venues as the Skyway Theater, Exchange Nightclub, First Avenue, Summerset Music Festival, The Myth, and the Infrasound Music Festival in Wisconsin.

While self-expression through music may have started as a hobby, Jack’s true passion was discovered on this journey to teach himself music production and DJing. “I look for novelty in art, constantly trying to find new sounds and unexplored ways to make music. I then use what I find to create a performance that is a safe place to play with our fears and anxieties, expressing these concepts through music.”

Outside of performing music, Jack became a social media manager in the last year, helping businesses to accurately and effectively convey messages to their audiences. Using audio, visual, and social media tools, Jack creates new ways to communicate complex human ideas while also connecting himself to his audiences.

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