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Kyle Goodrich

Composition | Audio Engineering | Instruction


Kyle was into exploring and performing electronic music back in the days where the best cuts of music were on wax. As a self-taught DJ and producer, Kyle spent the earlier years of his life finding and playing music for concert-goers in Iowa. After a move to Minneapolis in 2009, Kyle found an electronic music school called Slam Academy and at the same time, found the next step in his creative journey.

Starting as a student, Kyle now teaches at Slam Academy and leads new producers to finding their own sound and refining their music productions. As for Kyle’s personal tastes, he has a deep love for music that makes an emotional connection with its audience. If you’ve ever had goosebumps listening to music, that’s what we’re talking about.

Kyle has found a passion in guiding his students into deeper learning about music, but when he’s not teaching or helping out at Slam Academy, he’s mixing and mastering for clients and working on his own productions in the studios at Origin-414. If you catch Kyle around town or at a show, don’t hesitate to start up a conversation about music production, analog audio gear, or modern production techniques, you won’t be sorry!

To contact Kyle about private lessons, audio engineering, or for general questions, please use the form below and he will get back to you shortly!

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