Lindsay Miller

Composition | Audio Engineering | Music Production


Her roots are in guitar, voice, indie rock, and the touring band lifestyle. After winning the Ice Cube Scholarship which funded her pursuit of a Music Production degree at McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota, Lindsay refined her skills in the studio and worked for personal clients and commercial clients at the likes of MPR and Asche & Spencer, composing, performing, and producing music for media.

Blending the old and the new, her past and present, Lindsay is fascinated with combining the organic with the synthetic. Her music asks the question, “Where can the human elements be found in electronic music?” Chasing this goal, she’s written songs that feel rooted in humanity yet distorted by technology.

On the horizon for Lindsay is an emphasis on collaboration with other artists both as a mentor and as a co-creator of yet to be explored music. Helping other creative musicians reach higher levels of production quality in their music has become a recent passion as Lindsay enjoys the new audio studio at Origin-414. Lastly, venturing deeper into creating music for visuals/sync is a source of inspiration for her moving forward. 

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