Mixing & Mastering

At Origin-414, we believe mixing and mastering is all about listening, understanding, and execution of taste. While the team has come together to offer these services, it's important to know that each one of our engineers have a different style to their Mixing & Mastering artistry. If you don't already know who you'd like to have work on your track, please take a moment to read the descriptions under each engineer's picture to get an idea of their personal style and which one of us will be the best fit with your music.


Andrew HILL

Preferred Genres: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Bass Music

My style is loud, raw, and club ready. I've been mixing and mastering tracks of my own and others for 5 years now and my focus is and has always been the club soundsystem. 

Jack Denney

Preferred Genres: Deep Dubstep, Hardcore, Psy Trance

Clarity and distinction between elements are the main goals in my mixes and masters. I'm constantly looking for the latest tricks and tools to make modern electronic music shine.

Kyle Goodrich

Preferred Genres: House, Techno, Ambient

I'm looking for warmth and dynamic musicality in my mixes and masters. I tend to use hardware and classic emulation to make clean and impactful mix masters.


Preferred Genres: Indie, Art Pop, Trip Hop, Experimental

I aim to enhance the powerful performances already present in the music I work on by giving them the focus, space, and clarity they deserve. The intersection of electronic and organic is my comfort zone.